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    SEO Friendly Web Design

    Whether implementing a new website design, or re-designing an existing site, implementing "seo friendly" factors will greatly enhance the search engine visibility of your website. All Just Professionals web sites are designed the following seo friendly factors:

    • Optimal page layout for displaying content and including essential seo factors
    • CSS alternatives to Javascript or Flash navigation
    • Minimal flash usage or attractive flash alternatives
    • Proper use of graphics in design
    • Hand-coded, SEO friendly web development

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

    Our Las Vegas SEO services consist of a multi-stage process to improve your website's ranking positions for relevant and popular keywords related to your products and services. Services begin with market research, competitive analysis, and strategic planning, and ends with significant, sustainable results that will continue driving traffic to your site.

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    Keyword Research and Selection

    Based on your input and our research, we establish a set of relevant keywords that are used most often by Internet users searching for your product or service in the 3 major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and bing (formerly MSN Live). This set includes a predetermined number of primary keywords and relevant secondary terms.

    On-Page Optimization

    Titles, Headers and Meta-tag optimization

    Adjustments to the title tags, headers and meta tags of your current site will be performed to enhance visibility for optimized keywords.

    Content Revisions

    Existing content on your web site is modified and revised to allow for the infusion of targeted primary keywords and related secondary terms. We also ensure all content on your website will be viewed by the search engines as "original".

    Content Generation

    Based on our assessment of your site's current content as well as comparison with competing websites, we will generate content to your site as needed to increase the effectiveness of our services. To generate needed content, we can work directly with you or outsource the writing for an additional fee.

    Website Architecture

    A properly organized web site is a key factor for enhancing your site's visibility in the search engines as well as to your visitors. Our assessment of site architecture will determine what changes will be made to internal linking, informational organization, and page structure.

    Competitive Analysis

    Competitive analysis within your niche to identify the factors responsible for their success. Using this information, we formulate a superior strategy for surpassing their keyword ranking positions for your keywords.

    Off-Page Optimization

    Local Business Directory Submission

    In order to further increase your site's visibility, we craft custom business profiles with unique content and descriptions and post them individually to over 40 trusted local search engines.

    Link Building

    In-bound links are essential for achieving lasting gains in your site's search engine ranking positions. We customize our efforts based on opportunities related to your web site's niche.

    Social Network Promotion

    We employ a custom strategy for increasing your sites visibility in various social networking outlets that may include the generation and posting of genuine reviews, use of twitter, facebook, and youtube, or building a business network between you and your business associates.

    Progress Reporting

    Our services are focused on achieving higher placement in the search engines and more traffic through greater visibility. Our service includes monthly search engine rank position reports for your keywords, as well as a traffic volume report so you monitor your sites progress.

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